Samsung digital camera VLUU ST10 Q&A (What's haptic Effect?)

2009. 4. 1. 01:00 Posted by 비회원
[English IT News BlogTimes] Samsung digital camera VLUU ST10 Q&A (What's haptic Effect?)

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Q : What ‘s Haptic Effect ?

A : Haptic Effect is the unique technology of Samsung. When you touch the camera screen, it will respond you with vibration to let you know the reaction on your operation.

Q : What the difference between Face Detection and Smart Face Recognition?

A : Face Detection is the function of helping you AF /AE on the face to get the perfect portrait. But Smart Face Recognition is not only AF /AE on the face, but it can save the file under one fold of the person (up to 10) you register as the special person, which will save a lot of time for you when looking for the right photos among hundreds.

Q : Can you tell the detail about Smart Touch AF?

A : Smart Touch AF is also the new technology only owned by Samsung. Normally AF function in camera only focus on the center of the photo, but Samsung Smart Touch AF function can chase the objective and adjust AF based on the movement after you the assure the objective on the screen.

Q : What’s the biggest difference between ST10 and previous generation ?

A : First of all, Samsung started the new line up based on the different segmentation. Specially this product, its innovative design will give a new concept on Samsung camera. Secondly, for the consumer’s need of style, it also provide some unique features of ease of use to help you get the perfect shot, such as Smart Face Recognition, Smart Touch AF, Smart Album, Frame Guide and so on.

(Blog Journalist  : 오세경 기자 iblogtimes@naver.com)

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