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57 Lucky Winners From Around the Globe Will Discover and Share WOW Moments at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games”


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the Worldwide Olympic Partner for Wireless Communications Equipment, today announced the global winners of its Samsung Mobile Explorers contest.


The lucky winners will travel to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and share their personal experiences and observations through social media and online posts to Samsung's website for the 2010 Winter Games (www.samsung.com/vancouver2010).


During the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, 57 Samsung Mobile Explorers from Canada, the United States, South Korea, China and Russia will use the latest Samsung mobile phones to capture their unique WOW moments and extraordinary Olympic Games stories through daily text messaging and online posts.


The Olympic Games are about bringing the global community together through the spirit of friendly competition and the celebration of different cultures,” said Gyehyun Kwon, vice president and head of Worldwide Sports Marketing, Samsung Electronics. “Through our Mobile Explorers, we want to capture that spirit with our mobile phone technology and share it with people around the world. We are guaranteed plenty of WOW moments in Vancouver, and we look forward to our Mobile Explorers capturing those moments in unique and creative ways.”


Thanks to Samsung, my community will be connected to the action at the Olympic Games and they are all very excited to be cheering on the Samsung Mobile Explorers and seeing our online posts,” said Ally Ruttger, a winner from St. Catharines, ON, Canada. “My first WOW moment was when I learned that I was selected as a Samsung Mobile Explorer and I am very excited to experience more WOW moments and share them with the rest of the world.”


Ten students from Beijing, China who experienced the excitement of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games were ecstatic to be chosen as Samsung Mobile Explorers and are looking forward to reporting on the sporting events and festivities surrounding the 2010 Winter Games with their fellow students back home.


As a volunteer at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, I met many friends from around the world, including Canada, and now Samsung has given me the opportunity to reconnect with the Olympic Spirit and people by sending me to Vancouver,” says Ran Bi, a student from Beijing, China. “I am thrilled to use the latest Samsung mobile phone to capture all my WOW moments and report on the celebrations and sports action at the 2010 Winter Games.”


Nearly 7,500 people entered the contest for a chance to be one of the 57 Samsung Mobile Explorers. All Explorers will be flown to Vancouver and provided with accommodation for 20 nights, meals and Samsung mobile phones to share their Olympic Games‘ WOW moments. Outfitted in bright yellow uniforms, the Explorers will cover a number of events, including Olympic events, activities at OR@S (Samsung’s two-story, 7,500-square-foot pavilion at the Olympic Games), a long-house experience at one of the Four Host First Nations communities, and other daily activities in Vancouver and Whistler. They will also collect fan stories from visitors around the world and capture the Olympic Spirit and other exciting moments.


The Explorers will post daily entries to www.samsung.com/vancouver2010, a specially designed microsite that is Samsung‘s global gateway for interactive Olympic Games experiences. The site will also have available Samsung’s Public WOW application for download and include information on the OMNIA II Olympic Games phone, updates on events at OR@S, and the initiatives that Samsung is undertaking to help make the 2010 Winter Games greener.


About Samsung's Involvement in the Olympic Games

Samsung began its Olympic Games involvement as a local sponsor of the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games. Beginning with the Nagano 1998 Olympic Winter Games, the company extended its commitment to the Olympic Movement as the Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Wireless Communications Equipment category, providing its proprietary wireless communications program, called Wireless Olympic Works (WOW), and mobile phones. These innovative wireless technologies provide the Olympic Family with real-time information and communications services. Samsung's commitment as a Worldwide Olympic Partner continues through to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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